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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pathetic World

No one would really understand you like what you have in your mind or what you want to do after this or which path would you choose or who you should be with and many other questions that they wouldn't understand or rather to ask you because you know why? they just don't really give a damn to know. We live in a world where you business is your my business & my business is my business so just mind your own don't you ever think of mine. Being nice is no more a main reasons why we live in this world. Our mind nowadays been trained to judge people & to spread negativity rather than tolerate with others.

There's certain people who lives with their pretty lies that they create to cover their bad attitude. use their innocent face to put blame to others for their own mistakes & pointing fingers to others without any feel of guilty for doing that. Like seriously? Do they feel shame for doing this? Pretty face doesn't mean they have pretty heart right?

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