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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear GAlileo

Last saturday,,
im going to KL,
and we decide to go to watch movie at PAVi,,
as we dont know where we should go,,
at first we want to watch ALICE IN WONDERLAND 3D,,
but unfortunately tickets had been sold out,,
valentine's day also no longer available,,

And I really dissapointed,
because theres nothing interesting movie that I can watch!!!
argghh,, jammmmmm,,,

and then, we suddenly watch the thriller of DEAR GALILEO,,
ok,, honestly I affected to watch this movie,,
becoz of the heroin that so damn cute!

 heroin that really cute!
so we decide to watch this movie,,
time of showing are at 4.50,,
seems like we have another 1 hour,,
where to go,??
decide to "lepaking" at Starbuck,,

when the time arrived,,
I was shock to see that,,
there just about 10 people in the hall,,
and again,, my 1st assumption,,
oke this movie are not interesting,,

but honestly,,
after watchig this movie,,
This story is very very very and very interesting,,,elements of friendship that applied very effective,story that is not offensive and is suitable to be watching for all ages.especially teenagers (^_^)

notakaki: 1 more thing, the cute girl have a same name with me NOON,, yaaaayyyy (*_*)
               guys,, u should go watching this movie,, seriously!!

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