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Friday, December 25, 2009

IWT (I Want This)


I really really really want REEBOK TOP for next year :))

ohhh bestnyeeeeeee if i can have it one :)


1 leather jacket that 100% leather :)

aiyoooo,,, byk cenkadak kau ni noon!!

jacket from GUESS :) likes this..

n d comfortable outfit ever,,

goes to,,,

legging :))

really wanna wear a boot,,
but seems like not suitable for Malaysia's weather,

i ADORE this so much :)

bile lahh dapat memakainya,,
hahaha :))

high waisted anyone??

shorts :)

skirts, awwwww :)

pants, doesnot suitable for me yawwww :)

haih,, penat lahh mate tengok,,

thats all for today ok,,

fashion sampai esok pagi pun xcukup nak tengok!!


bonekagedix said...

omg ! sume hotstuff la babe !
i pown nk jgk lahh :D

no'0n said...

haihh tula pasai,, reebok tuhh tersgt lahh mahal :))

bonekagedix said...

reebok jeke ? yg len murah ke sygg :/

no'0n said...

haha :)) laen pon same jugak :)