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Monday, September 14, 2009


Am I,,?? Why do people always wearing just like what I wear
n what i dress,,??
whats the point of doing that,,??
Are they doesn't have their own personality,,??
Or am I just being so selfish cause thinking about
people following me but the fact they don't,,
But how about,, the changes that they make are too obvious,,??

Isn't that called FOLLOW,, or DUPLICATE,,??
or the simple word,, CETAK ROMPAK, MENIRU,,,??
is it,,??
They don't have their own personality,,?

I hate when:

1) I do hate people who always buy the same things with me,,

2) I hate when people ask where I buy my clothes and
suddenly she wear it the next day,, fuhh!

3) I do hate people who always copy paste others style,,especially mine! my style,,

4) I buy the make up product, n then she buy it too,!

5) I wear leggings and she wear it too,!

6) I wear bf shirts, she also want to wear it,

7) I love vintage,, she also love it,

8) I buy a camera n she ask her father to buy for her too,

9) I buy the pen she also want and use the pen,,

10) I hate this those people,,!!!!!!!!!!!!

What they really want,,??
Being just like me,,??
using my things without permission,?
Its Sucks,,
people,, you didnt know what I feel,,
so stop complaining,,
Im feel like im dying,,
I wanted to suicide!!

OMG,, I just cant imagine what am I going to do,,
Do i have to change my apparel or just be cool,
take a relax,,
and just ignore them,,?
am I that strong,? am I that tough,,??
Gosh,, I want to cry now!!!

p/s: hey fucker,,
don't u understand,??
i hate u! please go away from my life,,
and stop following me,,!
I hate that,!!! understand,,??

Hey sucker,!! create your own style mother fucker!!

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