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Friday, August 21, 2009


I dont know why but i just love this song,,

try to find it at you tube,,
suddenly found this video,,

created by Unisel's student,,
wooowww,, can be proud of,,


Semalam I call you, you tak answer,,
You kata you keluar pergi dinner,,
You kata you keluar dengan kawan you,,
But when I called Tommy he said it wasn't true,,

So I drove my car pergi Damansara,,
Tommy kata maybe you tengok bola,,
Tapi bila I sampai you, you tak ada,,
Lagilah I jadi gila,,

So I called and called sampai you answer,,
You kata sorry sayang tadi tak dengar,,
My phone was on silent, I was at the gym,,
Tapi latar belakang suara perempuan lain,,

Sudahlah sayang, I don't believe you,,
I've always known your words were never true,,
Why am I with you, I pun tak tahu,,
No wonderlah my friends pun tak suka you,,

So I guess that's the end of our story,,
Akhir kata she accepted his apology,,
Tapi last last kita dapat tahu she was cheating too,,
With her ex boyfriend's best friend - Tommy.!

to all people out there jgn lah curang oke,,!!!

I mengambil kesempatan mengucapkan Selamat Berpuasa pada semua umat Islam,,
Semoga bulan Ramadhan kali ini memberi seribu keberkatan kepada kita,,
Semoga kita semua diberkati,,

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