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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st asignment,,

cluz dh start so im quite busy sampai xde masa nk update blog,,
by the way, nak story pasal class dah start,,
yesterday was my 1st class with Pn Gina,, she was my favourite lecturer,,

and she ask us to make our own profile using our own creativity,,
so this is the picture,,

khusyuk buat sampai x perasan ade orang capture,,

sedang khusyuk mengecat dan mengcolourkan tali,,

1st after finish coloring,,
love it,,!!!

mostly done,, im so excited,,

and the result,, im done,,!
our own creativity,,

Leave your comments and give some opinion,,

cop cop nak tambah sikit,,
pic masa pergi TS (Time Square),
pergi singgah dekat fish spa,,
tak sempat nak update hari tu,,

me with bum,,

At 1st memang geli but then okay je,,
saya kan kuat,,!!

Till here,,
wait for my new update,,,

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