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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Night story 2nd day

Hari ni xde pape plan but at the night we watching movie,,

and for the 1st time also, we all tgox dkt MBO cinema,,
the place is quite nice n interesting,,but the screen is small,hehe :)
The title of the movie is LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT,,
On my first impession when i see the poster i think that this story is horror,,
But when i watch it,,
woowww,, it is a very interesting movie,,!!
and i suggest all of u to watch it,,

the movie is very "tragik" n u wont want to miss it,,!

n i give 5* f this movie,,,

,,buying tickets, nerd n wan(her ex actually),,,,


,,sempat nk tmbang, know what, berat I 50, i think something wrong with the machine,,

,,movie tickets,,

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