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Monday, March 13, 2017

16 September 2016

Banyak betul benda yang dah termiss out of radar dah ni. -,-"

Out from timeline. Hahaha now barulah ada masa nak update blog kalau x memang idok ler.


Definitely love this. Simple 

Thank you for helping me up doing my make up. 

Thank you lovelies for dolling me up to be the prettiest bride on earth ever. :D

Well I can see that I managed to hide nervousness.

Nervous ke tu? 

Sedih sangat kenapa tu sis? *,*


Sekali lafaz, became wife to the most annoying guy that I love.

My new family. Thanks for accepting me for who I am.

Part of my big family.

Welcome to the family sayang. Sarib's 

My only sister.

Happy me.

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