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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What is your own perception and description of people that are HOT,?

by their apparel,?
by their pretty face,?
by their behavior,?
by their natural beauty,?
or give your own perception,,

still categorize as HOTTIE,??

By the way, these are the women that I think they are HOT!!

Megan Fox, assume! she had a beautiful body and pretty face,,
unfortunately, she kinda show off with her body,hahaha :)

Angelina Jolie, the lips awwww :) i loike,,

but I don't like her because she takes Brad Pitt away from jennifer aniston, haih!!

Beyonce, what makes she looks beautiful,?no idea, her voice maybe,

Cameron Diaz, ohh i just love her :) i love her acting and her laugh,, sweet laugh,,

Jennifer Aniston, her smile, make my hearts melt seriously :))

Jennifer Garner, she damn cute and HOT (*_*)

Jessica Simpson,, her hair, her eyes and her body

Jessica Alba, I think everyone know about this lady, she have a very nice body,,

Kate Hudson, one word BEAUTIFUL!! (^_^)

Victoria Beckham, fashionista yaww, she one of the muse and 'trendsetter'


Mariah Carey, my oh my,, beautiful voice okey! love it

Madonna, she love to go to gym, not suprised if she had a very fit body, i really wanted to have just like her body, but hehe so lazy lahh (-_-")

Tyra Banks, wow Beautiful Hot and Rich yawww,,

Paris Hilton,, love to showing off i guess, haha,, rich and heiress,, 

Scarlet Johansson,she get the highest payment  for acting in music video clip,, :)

Natalie Portman, fuhhhh

Keira Knightly,, HOT with this cut,and i like her eyes!

AnneHathaway,, no comment, make your own comment (^_^)

Ashlee Simpson,, shes cute okay :) HOT mama lahh

Katy Perry,her song full of controversy,,

Kristen Stewart, new HOT vampire,, grrrr (`_¬)

Lindsay Lohan, she with her social life, haih :p,,

Mischa Barton,, sweet smile she have,

Jennifer Love Hewitt, I love her acting love her smile, love her hair, love everything about her except her finger,she had a very fat finger *_*

Pixie Lott, love her talent, love her songs!! Sweet face :)

Now lets check on the teenagers (*_*)

the First 1 must be the *drumline*

the Olsen twins,,
Mary Kate and Ashley, fashionista, and have their own label :)

Miley Cyrus of course,, she have a very long leg and I love it!!

American's sweetheart, Taylor Swift, haih she sooooo dammnnnn pretty!!

Vanessa Hudgens, She have a cute face okey (^_^)

And last but not least,,

Ashley Tisdale, her face looks very arrogant but she have a sweet face with her 'gedik' attitude,,
Flirty I mean

 notakaki : what about yours,?
who you think is HOT and assume,??
Kindly leave your comment :))


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no'0n said...


Anonymous said...

bagos lah tu sbb tu mcm belagak je
tahniah aku dpt terok la sedih doh
maybe xconti kot studi

no'0n said...

kau dapat bape,??
jgn la mcm ni weyh,,
jgn give up,
smbong jela k :)